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  • Against Barcelona: Could Man City Finally Win?

    2016-10-17 15:41

    Man City may be a very big fish in the Premier League pond with their #1 spot for the first eight consecutive weeks, but then the Champions League is a whole different ocean. The Sky Blues are meeting Barcelona, and even though the Spanish team is currently only #4 in La Liga, they are guaranteed to make this meet very hard for the English.

  • The Best Four of Euroleague to Come

    2016-10-13 18:01

    Euroleague is pretty different this year – it’s bigger, and more interesting, as all 16 of the teams participating will play each other. That means every team will get 30 matches each, nobody will get kicked out until New Year, and we get a particularly interesting run to look forward to. So, what’s new with the participants? Let’s look at the best of the best.

  • Barcelona & Real Madrid: Attack of the Three

    2016-09-22 18:55

    While everyone may have their own favourite football player of all time, there’s one thing all fans can agree on: both Barcelona and Real Madrid have an amazing attacking trio of their own. On one side, it’s Benzema, Ronaldo, and Bale. On the other, it’s Messi, Suarez, and Neymar. Can you really compare them? Let’s take a look at what the numbers say.

  • Let‘s Get it on: This is who is Going to Win the Champions League

    2016-03-24 15:58

    Let‘s Get it on: This is who is Going to Win the Champions League

    The Round of 16 battle gave us all a taste of blood already, and there’s more where that came from. With the quarter-final following shortly, we can expect proper survival games: this title is the ultimate goal of the season for most of the competitors. Victory is not going to come easy even for the best of the lot, but there are still a few teams that are the most likely to run out into the legendary San Siro stadium come May 28th

  • The International Titan Battles: Champions League Round of 16

    2016-02-22 17:57

    The International Titan Battles: Champions League Round of 16

    Champions League Round of 16 is in full swing which obviously means that there are brilliant matches happening every week. This time around, there are two clashes that are definitely worth a watch: the Bayern Munich and Juventus meet, and the Arsenal and Barcelona game. The first leg often sets the tone, so what is it going to be?

  • Champions League Week 5: Top Four Matches Preview

    2015-11-24 09:51

    It‘s been a while since the last time when the best European teams met in Champions League – so it‘s bound to be interesting. As there is an abundance of must-watch games planned during the two days of football, we’ve picked two from each day and took a look at what could potentially happen. Buckle up, because it’s going to be one heck of a ride!

  • Viimased voorud ja viimased finaalid

    2014-05-16 16:49

    Seda nädalavahetust ootavad suure huviga kindlasti Hispaania liiga jälgijad ja ka Saksamaa jalgpalli huvilised. Esimeses on tiitlivõitlus ühe või teise meeskonna komistamise tõttu jäänud viimasesse vooru ja just Barcelona ja Madridi Atletico vahelises kohtumises see ka selgub. Saksamaal on tiitel ammu jagatud, kuid karikafinaalis on jällegi koos viimaste aastate kaks suurimat rivaali, Borussia ja Bayern.