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  • Davis Cup: Will Britain Manage without Andy Murray?

    2016-07-14 18:41

    Last year, Britain finally managed to score a Davis Cup triumph after an incredible 79 years wait, and none other than Andy Murray was holding the wheel on that glorious yacht to glory. Well, they made it, and now is another year – but this time around, the team may just have to do without their anchor.

  • Valikmängud, valikmängud!

    2013-09-06 16:42

    Nagu eelnevas blogis mainisin, siis ongi järjekordsete valikmängude aeg käes. Üheksa alagruppi, palju draamat ja eufooriat juba olnud ja palju veel tulemas. Vaatan kahte kohtumist mille koefitsiendid eeldavad võrdsete lahingut.