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Holiday Football: Can Leicester Keep Leading?

2015-12-23 17:41

It‘s the holiday season – and it‘s time for the Boxing Day football! Now the season so far has been generous with surprises, considering we saw Chelsea crash and burn, Leicester City become the dark horse leaders, and West Ham give most of the big teams a good scare. More brilliant games are on the way, so let’s take a look.

Leicester City is going to play against Liverpool which should be an interesting game. The Table-topping team has been performing really well the entire season, and even though they did draw a few games, they also only suffered one loss. The Reds, on the other hand, have been battling with injuries and weren’t looking all that well lately.

Liverpool has to work around nine injuries, which can explain their recent results rather well, especially since a few of the lads that will sit on the bench are Martin Skrtel, Simon Mignolet, and Daniel Sturridge. However, Leicester City will have to play without Jamie Vardy, who is injured, which is one of the reasons the Reds are considered favourites in this meet with the odds of 9/10 vs the Foxes‘ 29/10.

Still, the worst that could happen to Leicester City would be a drop down to the 2nd place – which is still pretty good, especially if you were to ask Chelsea fans. The Foxes haven’t been lower than at the 6th so far this season, however, they still do have to go through to Man City, which is one of these difficult games all the critics have been talking about.

Sure, Manchester City are not easy to beat, but they have to play without Vincent Kompany who is a big part of them being successful, while Leicester City should get back Jamie Vardy by the time this game comes around. The latter team would undoubtedly be in for a bit of trouble if he didn’t, as his performance is rather crucial to the squad.

The mid-season week will see Chelsea vs Man United, and even if the Blues have been living up to their nickname lately and currently reside in 15th position, this should be an interesting match. Neither of the teams have been playing as well as they should in theory lately, for example, Man United lost 1:2 to both Norwich City and Bournemouth.

Considering Chelsea had such recent management change, it is rather difficult to predict the outcome of this game. Their strategy could be unexpected and it’s very likely that the new manager will affect the squad’s mentality, too. Chelsea’s game against Sunderland felt a bit like the old team is coming back, so it will be entertaining to see them against a stronger team than that.

The season of 15/16 may go down as one of the more surprising years in the Premier League. Now the Boxing Day games along with the mid-season week’s meets normally solidify the leaders and the outcasts, and while to some degree it seems to be the case this year, too, nothing is clear yet. Still, the holiday football is going to be brilliant – so tune in and enjoy!