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Premier League Week 19: How Fast Can the Foxes Run?

2015-12-29 15:19

Two games more, and half of the Barclays Premier League will be officially done with – and it’s been a proper rollercoaster. The point difference in the upper bit of the League Table is really rather trivial, meaning that the title contenders have to try that much harder, and that is what’s going to happen in tonight’s match between Leicester City and Man City.

Although making predictions has proven to be often a futile task, the TonyBet bookies have faith in the Manchester team, giving them the odds of 9/10 for a win and 14/15 for Leicester City’s triumph. Now even if Man City managed to win, they would still only improve to the second position as opposed to the potential top spot that the Foxes could come back to.

Now it isn’t a big secret that a lot of Leicester’s success can be credited to the incredible performance of one Jamie Vardy who came down with a fever during the Boxing Day game against Liverpool which the team went on to lose with him being replaced at the 69th minute. Even if he is able to play, it would be a bit naïve to expect a top-class performance immediately after an illness.

Man City also have a significant injury on their hands, with Vincent Kompany having no clear return date set so far. He’s been gone since the middle of September, and it could be very well seen as the squad became much more inconsistent and lost a number of games they should have had in the bag – and the game ahead is tougher than that.

Both of the teams have quite a lot to prove here, as both have been battling up top all this time. When you take a look at the stats, it reflects that, too: both Man City and Leicester scored 37 goals, but Man City is better at defending, having conceded 20 goals instead of 25 that the Foxes let go through.

Now even though Leicester may have to do either without or with a weakened Vardy, they still have Riyad Mahrez who’s only two goals behind the English lad, having scored a total of 13 in the English Premier League. Man City’s top scorer is Sergio Aguero with a much more modest count of seven PL goals, followed by Kevin De Bruyne and Raheem Sterling who scored five each – which could work in City’s favour, as they don’t only have one man to depend on.

While historically this would look like an obvious game with only the exact score left to predict, this time around it’s going to be a proper clash. Leicester City shook the standings up considerably and if they pass this ultimate test, there will be nothing left for the critics to say – then again, can the Foxes really run that fast? There’s only one way to find out: watch tonight’s game, as one thing that is clear is that this is going to be entertaining.