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Premier League Week 22: Your Football Weekend Preview

2016-01-15 10:13

Premier League Week 22: Your Football Weekend Preview

There’s only 17 weeks of Barclays Premier League left, so naturally the games are just getting more and more interesting. Last week was a definite proof that a beautiful match is always around the corner, so get your hopes high up: the upcoming football weekend is going to be pretty brilliant.

Man City v Crystal Palace: Can the Eagles Challenge the City?

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One of the most interesting matches of this weekend is the Man City and Crystal Palace meet. The pair has met twice this season, and it ended badly both times for the Eagles: they lost 0:1 on September, and 1:5 on October. The City could do with a win – and this match ahead seems like a good chance to do just that.

The TonyBet bookies are pretty certain that Crystal Palace isn‘t going to snatch a surprise victory: their odds at a win are only 36/5 against 37/100 that Man City got. It‘s no wonder – the Eagles were struggling for quite a few games now in the Premier League, having lost against Aston Villa and Chelsea. Their latest victory in the PL was on December 19th vs Stoke City which is nearly a month ago now.

The Eagles do have an advantage of a nearly fully healthy team, whereas Man City has been struggling without the apparently extremely important input of Vincent Kompany, who isn‘t going to be back for this match, either. While they did get back David Silva and Yaya Toure already, it just does not feel like the squad we saw in the beginning of the season – maybe it’s a perfect opportunity for the struggling Crystal Palace?

The Red Devils vs the Reds: Whose Time Is It to Falter?

Liverpool, Man United, Match Preview, Premier League

Now Sunday has a real treat prepared with the Liverpool vs Man United game. On Week 21, Klopp‘s lads were pretty brilliant against Arsenal, managing an impressive 3:3 draw with 10 of their players sitting on the bench. Can they repeat such a performance again with only a few days of rest and limited rotation possibility?

According to the TonyBet bookies, the Reds are bad news for Man United: Klopp‘s squad has been given the odds of 5/4 at a win vs the 12/5 that were given to their opponents. There‘s no need to look very far for an explanation – if Liverpool‘s draw is a solid achievement, Man United‘s 3:3 draw against Newcastle last week is pretty miserable.

However, the Red Devils are still #6 on the League Table, which isn’t bad what with 21 weeks already gone. Still, their performance is rather lacklustre, so it’s a question of who deals with their challenge better: will Liverpool overcome their injury crisis once again, or will Man United find their game?

If the start of the season was nothing short of a wild ride, lately it seems like the tides have settled somewhat and it’s easier to tell which teams are going finish up top, and which ones are in for a relegation battle. Still, no-one can quite predict the future champion of the League just yet – which means plenty of top notch matches to come. Tune in and see for yourself!