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Can Leicester Deliver against the Injured Liverpool?

2016-02-01 16:13

Can Leicester Deliver against the Injured Liverpool?

The Week 24 of the Barclays Premier League is upon us, and Leicester city are sitting in the top position with 47 points. Arsenal had occupied the #1 spot for a few weeks, but they fell to Chelsea once again – despite them having a notoriously terrible season – and this gave the Foxes a brilliant shot to take back the throne, which they promptly did. Now this week, however, will be tough, as their contenders have pretty easy games ahead and Leicester is set for a meet against Liverpool.

Of course, Leicester is having a much better season than their opponents of the week, but the Reds have already proven that they can fight tough when they need to – they are constantly forced to play without key players and come out with decent results, like a draw against Arsenal a few weeks back. However, the TonyBet bookies seem to agree that the Foxes are likely to outrun Liverpool this week – their odds at a win are 31/20 against the Reds’ 9/5.

The two teams have already had a game together in the Premier League which ended in a Boxing Day victory for Liverpool, who beat Leicester 1:0. Still, the Foxes are healthy and well rested – their squad literally only plays in this League, so even though the team is very dependent on Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez, they can do that considering that there’s a much smaller chance of injuries and much more time to rest than their players would get in most of the other teams – including that of their upcoming contender’s.

Now Liverpool is very unsurprisingly missing a lot of important players, which includes Joe Gomez, Martin Skrtel, Danny Ings, and Daniel Sturridge.  Obviously, this is once again a very unfortunate situation that the Reds are finding themselves in, but they have been able to get through hurdles like that before. Is Klopp‘s magic going to be good for yet another difficult game?

Looking back at the five last games that Liverpool had in the Premier League does not inspire too much hope:  they only managed two wins, two losses, and a draw which at least was a 3:3 against Arsenal. Even though the Reds can definitely deliver very solid results sometimes, they are terribly incosistent, which probably can be traced back to their never-ending injuries.

Funny enough, Leicester aren‘t playing at their best, either – they drew three and won two out of the five last League games, which is not all that impressive if you wre to take a look at what they were able to do before. Granted, that was more than enough for them to secure the #1 spot, and they have literally only lost two out of 23 PL games – to Arsenal and Liverpool.

All things considered, the outcome of this match is rather difficult to predict. Leicester has surprised pretty much everyone this season and they’ve been consistently playing really good football, whereas Liverpool managed both brilliant and horrible matches and it’s been hardly possible to tell which you were going to get in advance. Expect the same this week as well – it’s going to be a tough game!