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Will the Foxes Take a Bite out of Man City?

2016-02-05 10:16

Will the Foxes Take a Bite out of Man City?

Brilliant football weekend alert! This Saturday Leicester City is playing against Manchester City, and considering they are only three points apart with the Foxes occupying the first place this should certainly be a hot match. Both teams are in it to triumph this season – and they both have good chances to take home the Premier League title. Their first game ended in a goalless draw, but maybe it will be different this time around?

While this victory certainly isn’t going to decide the champion, it could set the tone for the rest of the season. If the Foxes can beat Man City, well, is there anything stopping them from taking home the crown then? The TonyBet bookies, however, don’t think that’s very likely: Leicester City’s odds at a win are just 91/20 against Manchester’s 57/100.

If we take a look at the history these two teams have playing together, the Foxes winning does seem like a very unlikely scenario as the last time they managed to do that while playing against Man City was back in 2003. Still, Leicester has already proven that they can hold their own – they already sport victories against Tottenham and Liverpool, while their 2:5 loss against Arsenal came after a tough fight for both parties.

Man City on the other hand looked nearly indestructible at the start of the season, but lately, they haven’t been all that brilliant. They’ve drawn West Ham and Everton, and their most recent 1:0 win against Sunderland isn’t something spectacular, either. The squad has really felt Vincent Kompany’s on-going injury, and now Samir Nasri, Kevin De Bruyne and Jesus Navas are also not fit to play.

Now it’s true that their upcoming opponents rely a lot on Jamie Vardy, however, he’s perfectly healthy, as is the vast majority of Leicester’s lads. Even though the team may have tough fixtures in the Premier League, they can deal with that because this is the only League that they have to think of while Man City will soon have to deal with the Champions League matches as well, so they really should score another victory while they can make use of a more laid-back schedule.

Of course, this meet isn’t the only one that should be good. Chelsea is playing against Man United on Sunday, and the TonyBet bookies think that they’ve got a chance of finally winning: the Blues were given the odds of 21/20 for a victory against Manchester’s 57/20. However, while neither of the teams are playing as well as they should be in theory, the Londoners are only #13 and United managed to hold on to the #5 spot.

With 14 weeks of the Barclay’s Premier League still left there are quite a few teams who still have very realistic chances of becoming the champions. Leicester may be leading with 50 points, but Man City is quickly catching up with 47, and both Arsenal and Tottenham can easily climb up from their 45. The international leagues are coming back soon though, so we can expect a change of pace soon – but not this week, so kick your feet up and watch the best of the English football.