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Will the Foxes Run Straight to a Debut Title?

2016-02-10 17:51

Will the Foxes Run Straight to a Debut Title?

With 25 weeks of the Barclay‘s Premier League finished, the title contenders are pretty clear, and Leicester City is definitely one of them. Even one of their main opponents Man City admitted that in the official report after losing their match last week: “The Foxes were arguably the best team to have visited the Etihad Stadium this season and it’s no exaggeration to say that their winning margin could have been even wider.”

While their potential success wasn’t a thing nobody would even consider before, it was easy to be sceptical about it. After all, there were so many games left to play and Leicester have not only never won the Premier League, but also have only been promoted back to it after ten years of absence just last season, and their finish wasn’t all that impressive – 14th place. Even top 4 would be an incredible jump!

Well, according to the TonyBet bookies it’s one jump that the quick Foxes can make: their odds at winning Premier League are 3/1, which has them tied with Arsenal as the favourites. Even though Leicester is clearly recognized as a very strong team, there’s still 13 games on their schedule – and that includes going against Arsenal, Chelsea, and Man United once again, although to be fair only the Gunners managed to give them proper trouble the first time around.

While it’s abundantly obvious that the title chase isn’t an easy feat for any team, really, there is always a good reason why a squad is playing well – and in this case, it seems like Leicester’s manager Claudio Ranieri may be to blame for it. Klopp may look like the King of Hearts in the PL, but Ranieri seems to be able to motivate his players with results that are already looking rather marvellous.

His interview with Corriere della Serra definitely sheds some light on his practice: “We have at least two days of no training a week. And this is what I said when I arrived at Leicester: ‘I trust you.’ <…> You have to take the best from the group you have. Here at Leicester everyone feels like they are participating, so playing badly means betraying the others. They are free men, aware that they have a job and responsibility. They enjoy maintaining that.”

So maybe Leicester’s secret to success isn’t exactly what everyone thought it was before. It’s clear that they managed to find that special something that’s required in order to go further than anyone objectively thought they could. The Foxes don’t need a big name, or history – and granted, their performance so far means that they are pretty much guaranteed to play in the Champions League next year. It’s definitely an exciting time in the Premier League, so tune in and see how this story unfolds!