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Champions League Round of 16: Get Ready, Set, GO!

2016-02-16 18:48

The Champions League is on tonight, and it‘s going to be good! The group stage has sifted through the contenders, so from now on, the matches are going to be tougher and more exciting. Let’s take a look at two first games that must be on your to-watch list: the Paris Saint Germain vs Chelsea, and Real Madrid vs Roma the following day.

Tonight, the French are going to be fighting the English, and according to the TonyBet bookies, Chelsea doesn’t stand a chance: their odds at a win are only 5/1 against the 13/20 that PSG got. If you take a look at the season that the Blues have had in their native Premier League, it’s not all that surprising that their victory doesn’t seem too hopeful.

If Chelsea are probably the worst defending champions that the PL has seen, Paris Saint Germain are absolute monsters in their Ligue 1, where they haven’t left much hope for the other teams to even catch up to the ridiculously brilliant results that they’ve had. They pretty much already have the title in their hands, however, PSG isn’t only hard to beat in Ligue 1.

However, the Blues have only lost once while facing the French team which was in a 2014 Champions League match. While it is true that it was a different Chelsea back then, they have settled into a rhythm somewhat after Gus Hiddink came in to manage the lads, and they have been playing better internationally this year as is.

After this clash has been settled, there’s the Real Madrid and Roma game to look forward to. If you take a look at the odds, the clear favourite is the Spanish team: their chances at a win were calculated at 4/5 vs the 67/20 that the Italians got. Neither of the teams are leading in their home leagues: Real Madrid are third in La Liga, while Roma – 4th in Serie A.

The Italian team got some good news: Madrid’s Gareth Bale has not been cleared to play in the upcoming match. While this doesn’t mean that the team is going to be in a sudden state of disarray, it will definitely make Roma’s job that much easier – especially if they can use their virtually injury-free set up to their advantage.

Both of these matches are pretty much guaranteed to be top-notch football: and that’s only the beginning of it! The players will now really feel the strain of the long and gruelling season, especially since the vast majority of the teams are competing in two leagues – but that means the games are only gonna get better, so tune in, and enjoy!