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PSG vs Chelsea: the Game of the Season

2016-03-08 14:11

PSG vs Chelsea: the Game of the Season

With the first leg games over and done with, the stakes got that much higher: the matches ahead allow for no mistakes. Both Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain can still advance to the next round, even though it was the French who won the last time. Can they repeat the feat playing away against the Blues?

According to the TonyBet bookies, it‘s one challenge that they‘re ready for: the odds for a PSG win are at 8/5 against the 17/10 that Chelsea got – although the English are hot on their heels. If the Blues manage to win 1:0, they‘ll crush all PSG‘s hopes at going through to the quarterfinals – and that could also become quite a turnaround of their season, too.

After Guus Hiddink came in to manage Chelsea, they haven’t lost a single game which by now accounts for 13 games won or drawn in a row. It’s certainly a rather impressive run, but it came way too late in the season to fix their Premier League standings. However, it does show that the squad is capable of progressing, and it may very well come in handy in this upcoming fixture that is as tough as they come.

Now PSG don’t really have any competition to speak of in their home Ligue 1, and that shows in the results. The title is pretty much already theirs after they have only lost one game out of the 29 that they’ve had, but it’s not going to be that easy in Champions League – even back in group stage, they came in second after Real Madrid, which luckily was enough to qualify for the Round of 16.

Back in Ligue 1, last PSG’s game against Montpellier was pretty stiff and ended in a goalless draw, but to be fair, the result is barely significant to the team. The main concern was keeping their key players fit – which they managed to achieve. However, it’s still doubtful whether either Blaise Matuidi or Marco Verratti will be good to go on the game day – but either of the midfielders joining the team would be a serious advantage.

Now Chelsea should see Diego Costa joining the squad for the big clash, which is brilliant news for them, plus, John Terry may be fit to join in, too. While they still have to cope with Radamel Falcao being out, and with Kurt Zouma already clearly unfit for the rest of the season, they don’t really have an injury crisis to deal with – but neither does PSG.

It is abundantly clear that this game is extremely important for both teams – and they both are going to do their best to say the least. Chelsea needs to prove that they’re still one of the best teams in Europe, and PSG has their eyes set in the Champions League title with their home league being as dull as it is. This game is going to be cutthroat: so make sure you don’t miss it!