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The Battle of the English and the French

2016-04-06 11:34

Man City is the last English soldier still standing in the Champions League, and tonight they will be put to the toughest of tests. This is the furthest that the Sky Blues managed so far in this prestigious competition, so naturally they will be keen to push it even more and make their way into the semis. It‘s an away leg for Man City too: are they up for the challenge?

According to the TonyBet bookies, the English have slim chances to win tonight: their odds at a triumph are at 4/1 against the 73/100 that the Parisians got. According the the ESPNFC calculations, winning the first leg is a good recipe for further success, as a grand total of 52.6% of teams triumphing in this first bit have advanced, as opposed to 14.8% who still went on to the next stage after losing.

The data in the chart is presented according to ESPNFC calculations of 230 2-leg ties since 94/95 in the Round of 16, Quarter Finals, and Semi Finals.

Man City has already confirmed their roster for the upcoming clash and they got both Joe Hart and Kevin de Bruyne back, which is definitely a well-awaited boost. Unfortunately, the injury list isn’t diminishing quite as quickly as the Sky Blues would like: Yaya Toure, Vincent Kompany, and Raheem Sterling are not going to run out to the field tonight.

Now over in the PSG squad Marco Verrati and Javier Pastore are still injured. On the other hand, the Parisians still have a healthier squad than their English counterpart, but their coach Laurent Blanc isn’t rooting for an easy victory. “Their style of play does not suit us, because they play like us”- he said in a pre-match press conference.

At the beginning of the 15/16 run, it looked like Man City would go on to have a great season. However, they began playing less consistently and losing way too often in their home Premier League, which has put them in the 4th position with no hopes of a title. International success would be brilliant – especially for a team as rich as the Sky Blues.

Man City Premier League season of 15/16 so far.

Paris Saint Germain are a whole different story in their home Ligue 1 where they had already secured the title when they still had eight fixtures left to play. They are just as keen to reach the semis, as that is something the French haven’t managed to do since season of 94/95. PSG doesn’t lack funds or talent, either, and they’re going in to win.

Of course, the outcome of tonight’s match would have to be pretty impressive if it alone secured the advancement. It’s important for Man City to score in this away leg, and even though PSG does have an edge, the French themselves know they could be beaten. It’s the first step towards the semis – so don’t miss out.