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The Final QF Test of the Champions League

2016-04-12 17:51

The first leg games were something, weren‘t they? If at first the pairings seemed like easy one-way tickets for half of the teams, it turned out to being a fair bit more complicated than that. While all of the matches seem very promising, the Wolfsburg vs Real Madrid repeat and the Man City vs PSG clash are looking especially interesting.

Wolfsburg to Advance?

The Germans were pretty phenomenal in the first game, beating Real Madrid 2:0 – and tonight, they are to face them again. To expect Wolfsburg managing something similar in the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium would be a bit naïve, but this is not a team that‘s going to just give up and accept their seemingly inevitable fate.

According to the TonyBet bookies, it‘s a bit of an impossible task for the Germans to win: the odds for that are at 12/1, while the Spanish got 1/5. It‘s safe to assume that Los Blancos will give all that they have to win, especially since Ronaldo already asked the fans to make this a “special night“.

However, Real Madrid does need to win with a three goal difference to advance to the next round. While this isn’t an impossible task for a team like this, it certainly leaves Wolfsburg some hope, especially since it’s an away game where even a single goal would go a pretty long way. To sum it up, it’s going to be a very interesting game indeed!

Man City to Make History?

The Premier League season is nearing to the end, and it‘s a whole new world out there. While Man City seems less and less capable of winning the title there, their Champions League run was pretty satisfying so far. Semis would be great for the Sky Blues – but first, there‘s PSG to go through.

Even though a 2:2 draw in the first leg wasn‘t ideal, those away goals are still a nice edge. The Parisians will have to put in some good work to even out that difference, but their aggressive style of play may very well help them do that. The TonyBet bookies agree, giving them the odds of 29/20 at winning, while Man City got 37/20.

However, even if the Sky Blues do advance which could happen even if they secure a draw without any goals, it‘s a rocky road further on. The competition is extremely strong at this level, and none of the potential opponents in the semis look very beatable – but then again, they may very well just give us a good surprise.

This season has definitely been very eventful so far. Premier League was shaken up a fair bit, and now we already know that we‘ll see Leicester City playing in the Champions League in 16/17 – so obviously, it‘s tough to assume things in advance. Let‘s tune in tonight and see what happens, cause it’s ought to be brilliant!