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Champions League Semi-Finals: The 1st Test

2016-04-26 18:24

The truth is out there, and the Champions League semi-finals is going to shine some light on it. We’re going to see really interesting pairings that the majority would not have predicted, and to see them play for survival is going to produce some quality football. The 1st leg games set the tone: so who is going to bring it?

Man City’s Real Madrid Hurdle

To be completely honest, Man City going this far in the competition is an achievement in itself. But now they are the last English team still standing in this top League, and they have a lot to prove. The TonyBet bookies think that while they have a chance, winning this will not come easily – even though it is a home game for the Sky Blues.

The Spanish team definitely has a lot to worry about – La Liga remains probably one of the most competitive Leagues at this point, considering that there are no less than three teams that can still potentially take the title. Still, they know how to focus on two things at once. Unfortunately for Man City, Zidane has declared that both Ronaldo and Benzema should come out to play – so Real will be in their full capacity.

Now the English got their captain Vincent Kompany back, which is pretty brilliant for the squad. Man City seems to always play that bit better with him out in the field – but this is going to be an extremely difficult game, and with Yaya Touré out there will be plenty of challenges to overcome.

The Battle of Offence vs Defence

When Atlético went through to the semis, having upset Barcelona, they certainly made quite a big splash. But now there’s another tough nut to crack: Bayern has been seemingly indestructible at times, managing to recover from pretty much anything. However, their form did seem a bit off for the last couple of games and Benfica wasn’t lightyears away from qualifying, either.

The bookies think that the Germans are a fair bit more likely to win in this setup. Still, nobody is doubting that Atlético is fully capable of incredible gameplay, and they also have the advantage of this being held at the Vincente Calderón Stadium. Their brilliant offence will be crucial here – every goal conceded will bring the Germans closer to the title.

It‘s going to make for a very interesting game, because Atlético has the brilliant record of 13 clean sheets in the Champions League games, having only condeded in two matches. On the other hand, there‘s Bayern, who have scored 28 goals – the best result out of all remaining teams. Whose style of play is going to prove to be key to winning?

While there are many questions unanswered before the 1st leg games, one thing is certain: these matches will be brilliant whichever way they go. In this season of surprises, anything seems possible – and even though some of the teams look better prepared than the others, the title is still fair game for all. Let’s watch the lads run!