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Champions League: a Spanish Duel Ahead?

2016-05-04 18:37

Lately, all the Champions League games have been full to the brim of adrenaline and unpredictability. Only yesterday Bayern missed out on the final when Atlético won by away goals despite the admirable effort that the Germans had put in. Tonight, Man City faces just as tough a test, as they are meeting Real in Madrid.

The Spanish are going into this clash without Karim Benzema and Casemiro, however, Zidane has reassured the fans that Cristiano Ronaldo is now 100% ready to play. Surely, the squad that this team has is deep enough to compensate for one or two missing players – but still, the injuries could not have come at a worse time.

Because Man City managed to defend well enough during the first leg, they ensured that a single goal would carry them through to the final – and that potentially-historic goal would still work even if the game would conclude to a draw. Basically, the English have it easier than the Spanish – except for the fact that Real Madrid is notoriously hard to beat.

If we’re going to see Zidane’s lads in the final, they need to secure a victory tonight – and according to the TonyBet bookies, they’re very likely to do exactly that. The odds for Real winning the 2nd leg game are 13/25 against the 29/5 – but then again, Bayern were also considered to be favourites, and that didn’t get them all that far.

Now the Sky Blues are under a lot of pressure to perform well during this game, considering they have a historic chance to go to the final of the Champions League, which would effectively salvage their season. They are still fighting for the top 4 finish in Premier League – but advancing this far internationally would be really big.

Even though the fact that Ronaldo is back for this game is a major warning sign for Man City, Pellegrini says they must remember to play against the entire team – and that may very well help them a lot. This game is crucial, and Real is playing at home, but if the Sky Blues manage to perform under pressure, they may just make Manchester the happiest of towns tonight.