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4 Draws in a Row: what’s up, Real Madrid?

2016-10-07 16:31

At the moment, Real Madrid are in the middle of what can only be called a slump: the team has not won for four matches straight. While that, especially considering the fact that these all were draws, would not come as a shock for many teams, Real is too good to play like this. Plus, the more they draw, the further away gets their potential La Liga title.

As of now, the TonyBet bookies are predicting that their chances to win the best Spanish league are actually fairly decent at 7/4. Only Barcelona is considered as a more probable victor – and despite the fact that this may be a very tough pill to swallow for many fans of Real, it is honestly a pretty logical assumption to make.

The last time Real Madrid won La Liga was back in the season of 11/12 – so they have experienced a four-season draught as of now. Of course, that’s not terrible, but it isn’t exactly the ideal situation for a team of this calibre, either. This current performance could also be a warning sign of a fifth season in a row with no title at the strongest Spanish league.

So, why are they playing like that, really? Well, it’s tough to pin-point that, really. Gareth Bale told Sport magazine that it’s an issue of marathon-like strength: “We need to be more consistent. We had a very good end of the season last year, but we need to be better at the start and in the middle.” So, according to this player, the start of the season is always a bit of a difficult time for Real.

The team’s manager Zinedine Zidane denies that this is anything to worry about though, despite the fact that four consecutive draws hasn’t happened in more than 10 years for Real.  “We’re not in crisis, we’re only in October. What we need to do is improve, we can’t lose our minds over this,” he said. While the latter part is certainly something everyone can agree on, it is highly disputable whether this really is a crisis or not.

Still, the consolation in this is the fact that they did not lose. While these draws could still end up costing them La Liga title which they missed out on only by a point last season, it’s really a bit too early to full-on panic. However, if they continue this trend, then something is seriously wrong with Real Madrid – which would make a whole new riddle by itself.