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  • League Cup Final: Will Man City Suffer Defeat against Liverpool Once Again?

    2016-02-26 18:34

    League Cup Final: Will Man City Suffer Defeat against Liverpool Once Again

    With the international games being back once again, there really is no lack of brilliant football matches – but that doesn‘t mean there aren‘t any good ones happening back home. The League Cup is concluding on Sunday, and it‘s Liverpool vs Man City who will compete for this title.

  • The Top 4 Combat

    2016-02-13 18:56

    The Top 4 Combat

    With less and less time left to win the title, the matches at the Premier League are definitely intensifying. The favourites to triumph are pretty clear, and this weekend, we get to see them all clash in exciting duels, as the League leading Leicester City is meeting Arsenal, who is now third, and #2 Tottenham is meeting #4 Man City. 

  • Premier League Week 22: Your Football Weekend Preview

    2016-01-15 10:13

    Premier League Week 22: Your Football Weekend Preview

    There’s only 17 weeks of Barclays Premier League left, so naturally the games are just getting more and more interesting. Last week was a definite proof that a beautiful match is always around the corner, so get your hopes high up: the upcoming football weekend is going to be pretty brilliant.

  • Premier League Week 19: How Fast Can the Foxes Run?

    2015-12-29 15:19

    Two games more, and half of the Barclays Premier League will be officially done with – and it’s been a proper rollercoaster. The point difference in the upper bit of the League Table is really rather trivial, meaning that the title contenders have to try that much harder, and that is what’s going to happen in tonight’s match between Leicester City and Man City.

  • Holiday Football: Can Leicester Keep Leading?

    2015-12-23 17:41

    It‘s the holiday season – and it‘s time for the Boxing Day football! Now the season so far has been generous with surprises, considering we saw Chelsea crash and burn, Leicester City become the dark horse leaders, and West Ham give most of the big teams a good scare. More brilliant games are on the way, so let’s take a look

  • Up Top, Bottom’s Up: Two Matches to Watch This Week at PL

    2015-12-18 17:31

    As the middle of the season is getting closer, the Premier League games are getting more and more interesting, and the Week 17 has two matches that are an absolute must on your football watching schedule: one at the top of the League – Arsenal v Man City – and another at the bottom – Chelsea v Sunderland. 

  • PL Week 15: Victory in Line for Man City, United and Liverpool?

    2015-12-04 15:44

    The Boxing Day is getting closer, and there are still quite a few teams that have very good chances at snatching the title, or just making it to the Top 4. While Man City is leading the League, other teams are fighting to catch up – Man United and Liverpool just to name a few, who are all going to have pretty interesting games during the weekend.

  • Champions League Week 5: Top Four Matches Preview

    2015-11-24 09:51

    It‘s been a while since the last time when the best European teams met in Champions League – so it‘s bound to be interesting. As there is an abundance of must-watch games planned during the two days of football, we’ve picked two from each day and took a look at what could potentially happen. Buckle up, because it’s going to be one heck of a ride!

  • Man City vs Liverpool: Is the Victor Already Clear?

    2015-11-20 15:22

    The wait is finally over! The international break felt like forever, but now the Premier League can continue as per usual. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the most interesting match of Week 13: Man City against Liverpool.  Could Klopp’s squad take a bite out of the golden team?