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  • Premier League Top Fights: Week 21 Edition

    2016-01-12 17:09

    Premier League Top Fights: Week 21 Edition

    More than half of the English Premier League season is done with – and it has been a proper rollercoaster for the whole five months. Now while the element of surprise isn’t exactly a factor anymore, the competition has only gotten more intense. Let’s take a look at two of the most interesting matches happening on top of the League Table this week! 

  • Premier League Week 19: How Fast Can the Foxes Run?

    2015-12-29 15:19

    Two games more, and half of the Barclays Premier League will be officially done with – and it’s been a proper rollercoaster. The point difference in the upper bit of the League Table is really rather trivial, meaning that the title contenders have to try that much harder, and that is what’s going to happen in tonight’s match between Leicester City and Man City.

  • Holiday Football: Can Leicester Keep Leading?

    2015-12-23 17:41

    It‘s the holiday season – and it‘s time for the Boxing Day football! Now the season so far has been generous with surprises, considering we saw Chelsea crash and burn, Leicester City become the dark horse leaders, and West Ham give most of the big teams a good scare. More brilliant games are on the way, so let’s take a look

  • Leicester City: Can We Keep Saying They‘ve Lucked Out?

    2015-12-14 09:24

    Tonight, it‘s Chelsea vs Leicester City, and if last year it would have been an obvious game, it is sure to grab everyone‘s attention this time around. The Foxes had claimed the #1 spot in the Table last week, while the defending champions lagged behind with their lousy 14th position, and absolutely cannot afford to lose.