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  • Pre-match Talk: 5 Facts on Malta‘s National Football Team

    2016-10-07 14:45

    There are some games that you know your team will struggle to win and will need to give their absolute best. Then there are those where the opponent looks weaker, but could very well give the Three Lions a run they will never forget, and that it would be unwise to underestimate your contender. And then there‘s Malta, where the TonyBet bookies give them the odds of 60/1 at winning vs England. So, let‘s take a look at what they‘re up to!

  • Let the Games Begin: England vs Slovakia

    2016-09-02 17:35

    It‘s the first match for Sam Allardyce as the manager of England‘s national team – and it‘s going to take place in Trnava versus Slovakia. The opening qualifier is taking place on Sunday, and hopefully, it will go down better than the last match with Slovakia did: Roy Hodgson’s men came out with a clean-sheet draw. 

  • The Five Potential Victors of Euro 2016

    2016-06-10 18:54

    The wait is finally over – let‘s welcome Euro 2016! A ton of cutthroat fights is ahead of us, as the best 24 national teams of Europe are fighting for their chance at the trophy. For some, the road to France was harder than it was for the others. Will the predictions prove true after a few games will have been played? Let’s see!