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  • Against Barcelona: Could Man City Finally Win?

    2016-10-17 15:41

    Man City may be a very big fish in the Premier League pond with their #1 spot for the first eight consecutive weeks, but then the Champions League is a whole different ocean. The Sky Blues are meeting Barcelona, and even though the Spanish team is currently only #4 in La Liga, they are guaranteed to make this meet very hard for the English.

  • The Battle of Revenge: Bayern vs Atletico

    2016-09-27 17:32

    The Champions League has just started – and yet we‘re already getting to see some pretty exquisite matches. Who can forget Atletico upsetting the seemingly indestructible Bayern Munich during the first leg of the semi-finals, and advancing to the finals on away goals? Well, it’s time for a re-match, and the Germans will be eager to prove their worth.

  • Chelsea: Relearning to Play Football

    2016-09-16 11:14

    Last year, the first big news in the Premier League was the fact that none other than Chelsea completely forgot how to play football, even though they started the season as the defending champions. Their victory-free pre-season plus the Community Shield loss to Arsenal were hinting at a disaster, and yet it still came as a huge shock.

  • Champions League: a Spanish Duel Ahead?

    2016-05-04 18:37

    Lately, all the Champions League games have been full to the brim of adrenaline and unpredictability. Only yesterday Bayern missed out on the final when Atlético won by away goals despite the admirable effort that the Germans had put in. Tonight, Man City faces just as tough a test, as they are meeting Real in Madrid.

  • Champions League Semi-Finals: The 1st Test

    2016-04-26 18:24

    The truth is out there, and the Champions League semi-finals is going to shine some light on it. We’re going to see really interesting pairings that the majority would not have predicted, and to see them play for survival is going to produce some quality football. The 1st leg games set the tone: so who is going to bring it?

  • The Final QF Test of the Champions League

    2016-04-12 17:51

    The first leg games were something, weren‘t they? If at first the pairings seemed like easy one-way tickets for half of the teams, it turned out to being a fair bit more complicated than that. While all of the matches seem very promising, the Wolfsburg vs Real Madrid repeat and the Man City vs PSG clash are looking especially interesting. 

  • The Battle of the English and the French

    2016-04-06 11:34

    Man City is the last English soldier still standing in the Champions League, and tonight they will be put to the toughest of tests. This is the furthest that the Sky Blues managed so far in this prestigious competition, so naturally they will be keen to push it even more and make their way into the semis. It‘s an away leg for Man City too: are they up for the challenge?

  • Let‘s Get it on: This is who is Going to Win the Champions League

    2016-03-24 15:58

    Let‘s Get it on: This is who is Going to Win the Champions League

    The Round of 16 battle gave us all a taste of blood already, and there’s more where that came from. With the quarter-final following shortly, we can expect proper survival games: this title is the ultimate goal of the season for most of the competitors. Victory is not going to come easy even for the best of the lot, but there are still a few teams that are the most likely to run out into the legendary San Siro stadium come May 28th

  • The Quarter-Finals to Be: Who‘s Going to Triumph in the Champions League?

    2016-03-15 16:00

    The Quarter-Finals to Be: Who‘s Going to Triumph in the Champions League?

    The Round of 16 is nearly done over in the Champions League – and we already know four of the teams that have gone through to the quarter-final. Benfica, Wolfsburg, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint Germain are already packing their bags, and four more teams are going to join them after the upcoming match days. Man City and Barcelona seem like a done deal already, but who is going to make up the second half of the winners?

  • PSG vs Chelsea: the Game of the Season

    2016-03-08 14:11

    PSG vs Chelsea: the Game of the Season

    With the first leg games over and done with, the stakes got that much higher: the matches ahead allow for no mistakes. Both Chelsea and Paris Saint Germain can still advance to the next round, even though it was the French who won the last time. Can they repeat the feat playing away against the Blues?