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  • The Best Four of Euroleague to Come

    2016-10-13 18:01

    Euroleague is pretty different this year – it’s bigger, and more interesting, as all 16 of the teams participating will play each other. That means every team will get 30 matches each, nobody will get kicked out until New Year, and we get a particularly interesting run to look forward to. So, what’s new with the participants? Let’s look at the best of the best.

  • 4 Draws in a Row: what’s up, Real Madrid?

    2016-10-07 16:31

    At the moment, Real Madrid are in the middle of what can only be called a slump: the team has not won for four matches straight. While that, especially considering the fact that these all were draws, would not come as a shock for many teams, Real is too good to play like this. Plus, the more they draw, the further away gets their potential La Liga title.

  • Barcelona & Real Madrid: Attack of the Three

    2016-09-22 18:55

    While everyone may have their own favourite football player of all time, there’s one thing all fans can agree on: both Barcelona and Real Madrid have an amazing attacking trio of their own. On one side, it’s Benzema, Ronaldo, and Bale. On the other, it’s Messi, Suarez, and Neymar. Can you really compare them? Let’s take a look at what the numbers say.

  • Champions League: a Spanish Duel Ahead?

    2016-05-04 18:37

    Lately, all the Champions League games have been full to the brim of adrenaline and unpredictability. Only yesterday Bayern missed out on the final when Atlético won by away goals despite the admirable effort that the Germans had put in. Tonight, Man City faces just as tough a test, as they are meeting Real in Madrid.

  • Champions League Semi-Finals: The 1st Test

    2016-04-26 18:24

    The truth is out there, and the Champions League semi-finals is going to shine some light on it. We’re going to see really interesting pairings that the majority would not have predicted, and to see them play for survival is going to produce some quality football. The 1st leg games set the tone: so who is going to bring it?

  • The Final QF Test of the Champions League

    2016-04-12 17:51

    The first leg games were something, weren‘t they? If at first the pairings seemed like easy one-way tickets for half of the teams, it turned out to being a fair bit more complicated than that. While all of the matches seem very promising, the Wolfsburg vs Real Madrid repeat and the Man City vs PSG clash are looking especially interesting. 

  • Let‘s Get it on: This is who is Going to Win the Champions League

    2016-03-24 15:58

    Let‘s Get it on: This is who is Going to Win the Champions League

    The Round of 16 battle gave us all a taste of blood already, and there’s more where that came from. With the quarter-final following shortly, we can expect proper survival games: this title is the ultimate goal of the season for most of the competitors. Victory is not going to come easy even for the best of the lot, but there are still a few teams that are the most likely to run out into the legendary San Siro stadium come May 28th

  • Champions League Round of 16: Get Ready, Set, GO!

    2016-02-16 18:48

    The Champions League is on tonight, and it‘s going to be good! The group stage has sifted through the contenders, so from now on, the matches are going to be tougher and more exciting. Let’s take a look at two first games that must be on your to-watch list: the Paris Saint Germain vs Chelsea, and Real Madrid vs Roma the following day.

  • Järjekordne Superkarika finaal kuulutab hooaja avatuks

    2014-08-18 15:55

    Kokku saavad maikuus peetud Meistrite Liiga finalistid. Tookord läks mäng lisaajale ja seal surus Real Atletico põlvili. Seekord tundub, et Atleticol on parem võimalus linnarivaal alistada. Esiteks vaadakem peetud kontrollkohtumiste tulemusi.

  • UEFA Superkarikas ja Saksamaa Superkarikas

    2014-08-11 19:37

    Teisipäeval saab selgeks traditsiooniliselt augustis mängitava Superkarika võitja. Meistrite liiga ja Euroopa liiga võitjad tulevad samalt maalt ja samast liigast, mis teeb tavakodaniku jaoks asja võib-olla ebahuvitavaks. Walesi publikut oodatakse muidugi staadionile Gareth Bale’ile kaasa elama.