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The Economics of the English Premier League

2015-08-05 16:15

Are economics ever fun? Well, in this combination of an infographic and top 20 Britain’s football club revenues, they can be. It is no surprise that with big football comes big spending!

If you have seen the numbers that the Premier League clubs’ generate, you know that they definitely seem impressive enough on their own.

Would you say they top some countries’ annual budgets though? What about the yearly defence expenditures? Is it normal to generate the same income in all the Leagues? With the English Premier League season just days away international gaming company TonyBet.com is pleased to release their ‘The Economics of the Premier League’ infographic. This infographic will help you visualise just how much can these clubs really cash in – and maybe have you learn something new, too.

The Economics of English Premier League
Infographic brought to you by TonyBet, a leading provider of English Premier League Betting.