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Premier League 2015/2016: Have You Chosen Your Champions?

2015-08-07 13:52

It is no doubt that the Barclay’s Premier League is one of the most exciting things in the football world. Its 24th season starts on 8th of August of this year and lasts until 15th of May 2016, it has got a 380 total of matches played and 20 best clubs in England competing for the champion’s title. With a league like that, football fans of all ages, commitment levels, and gameplay preferences are guaranteed to find something exceptional for themselves.

The defending champions Chelsea are TonyBet’s favourites to win this year too, with their odds being 3/2. Manchester City are the second in line, with 14/5, followed by 17/5 for Arsenal and 9/2 for Manchester United. Will Arsenal continue winning like they did in the Community Shield 2015? That game definitely proved that Chelsea is no longer an impossibility to defeat. It will be a while until everyone can check their predictions though, as the rivals will first meet on September 19th.

Petr Cech is definitely one of the most notable transfers, especially with the clubs’ rich rivalry history. Both the pre-season friendlies and the Community Shield win show that he has integrated well into the team and that Arsenal is more than ready for the season. They placed 3rd the last year – will they do better this time?

Three teams have been newly promoted to the League, in place of the relegated Burnley, Queens Park and Hull City. For Championship winners Bournemouth it is the first season in the BPL ever, 3rd for Watford and 8th for Norwich City.  Bournemouth will play their debut match on the first day of the League against the veterans Aston Villa. Can the newcomers endure the pressure? This first match may set the tone for their performance.

As the transfer deadline is still rather far away, being on September 1st, we may still see some surprise changes in the teams’ formation. It is rumoured that Chelsea want to snatch up Everton’s John Stones and confirmed that Rafael da Silva of Manchester United has left to play for Lyon. Four teams will be playing under new managers, which can always lead to unexpected results.

The top 3 of BPL will enter directly the group stage in UEFA and the League will wrap up its arduous season next spring. It’s near impossible to predict where each of the teams will place at the end of the BPL - do you already know what your guesses are? And should you ever want to take a break in the best way possible – with a little bit more football – you can always pick your favourites and place your bets on the matches in the other European Leagues.