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Premier League Week 9: Wounded Klopp’s Squad vs the Spurs

2015-10-16 17:17

Klopp is starting his Liverpool journey with one tough cookie: not only are they going to face a proper difficult contender Tottenham Spurs, but they will also have to do that without Danny Ings and Joe Gomez who are both out with injuries for the rest of the season. Christian Benteke and Robert Firmino are not well enough yet to play vs the Spurs, either.

The history that these teams have playing against each other could bring a little comfort to anyone hoping for the Reds’ victory. Tottenham hasn’t been able to beat Liverpool since 2012 and they did meet five times after that. Three of those matches ended in clean sheet victories for the Reds, including an impressive 5:0! However, the changes and the injuries that are happening in the club could give the Spurs an opportunity to triumph.

Tottenham, however, hasn‘t really been playing in a manner that could strike fear in their contenders‘ hearts – they‘ve been scoring few goals and mostly ending their matches in draws, except the admittedly impressive 4:1 win against Man City in Week 7. The fact that Liverpool hasn’t been on top of the game is no big secret, either, and the odds reflect that accordingly: their triumph is at 37/20 vs the 7/5 that Tottenham got.

Everton has a match against Man United after drawing a derby with Liverpool in last week’s game. The Manchester team just lost to Arsenal – and without managing to score a single goal. Even though the last time they met the Toffees, they were the ones to win, that is in no way a guarantee of a triumph. Man United do have the odds in their favour, though!

Meanwhile Chelsea, Man City, and Arsenal should have no trouble in claiming victory as they will be playing against Aston Villa, Bournemouth, and Watford respectively. It‘s going to be a tough week for the three latter teams, but maybe at least one of them will manage a surprise victory – that would be something!

A lot is to be expected from the upcoming football weekend! Man City and Arsenal will be looking to best one another in a fight for remaining in or in the Gunners’ case – claiming – the first place: their fans will be rooting for the underdog teams. Chelsea has a brilliant opportunity to improve their standings – but will they? We’ve already seen that sometimes you just can’t predict what will happen the Premier League, so tune in and be the first to know.