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League Cup: Can Southampton Get Through Liverpool and to the Semis?

2015-12-01 17:16

After winning three games in a row, Klopp’s Liverpool is going to face Southampton in the League Cup – and if they manage to get through the Saints, they will head straight to the semi-finals. Europa League qualification is just a win away from there, and Southampton are keen to snatch it, as the Reds have their eyes set on making it Top 4 in the PL.

Southampton is going into this match having won three out of their last five meets, having lost to Man City and Sunderland in the Premier League, and having won against Bournemouth, Aston Villa, and Stoke City in the League and League Cup, which admittedly isn’t all that impressive.

Meanwhile Liverpool have been looking pretty fit lately, and even after suffering a number of injuries to key players, they managed to get four wins out of five last games – of which the most notable was the 4:1 victory over the League-leading Man City. The Reds still have seven players sitting on the bench, but you can‘t tell, really.

The TonyBet bookies, however, are predicting a close fight. Southampton‘s victory is valued at the odds of 42/25, which is the exact same that Liverpool got – so could the Saints really get a solid chance at qualifying to the Europa League? They only managed to win once against the Reds in the last five games that they‘ve played together, and seeing how well Klopp‘s lads are doing, it‘s not going to be an easy match in any case.

Southampton does have the advantage of fewer players being injured, as they‘ve only got four of those as opposed to seven that Liverpool‘s missing, but we‘ve already seen that they can cope with that. However, the Saints are no rookies either, and they’ve played against their upcoming opponent enough times to know how to snatch a victory.

There’s one thing to be taken into consideration on the other hand, and that is the possibility of Klopp wanting to give his key players a bit of a rest that they dearly need with so many injuries on the squad. His team has already qualified for the Europa League knockout stage, so it would make sense to go light and keep the focus on Premier League.

Then again, winning this would put Klopp that much closer to his first actual trophy with his team, and it’s tough to predict whether he will prioritise. What’s easy to tell though is that Southampton won’t go easy on Liverpool, and that no matter which players we will see on the field, it’s bound to be an exciting game. After all, a victory’s a victory!