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PL Week 15: Victory in Line for Man City, United and Liverpool?

2015-12-04 15:44

The Boxing Day is getting closer, and there are still quite a few teams that have very good chances at snatching the title, or just making it to the Top 4. While Man City is leading the League, other teams are fighting to catch up – Man United and Liverpool just to name a few, who are all going to have pretty interesting games during the weekend.

According to the TonyBet bookies, Man City should be able to easily hold their top place: their odds at a victory are at 31/50 against only 47/10 that Stoke City got. However, last year in the Premier League the Potters were able to beat Man City 1:0, and the latter team has been riddled by injuries lately.

Missing key players has not been easy for Man City – they‘ve drawn against Aston Villa and lost to Liverpool in the PL and lost to Juventus in Champions League. Now Sergio Aguero could come back in time for the game, but Vincent Kompany could only be potentially fit for the next week, so Stoke City really does have a good opportunity what with their opponents squad in a weaker state than they‘d usually be.

Manchester United is going to play against West Ham, and while the latter team caught everyone‘s attention by defeating Arsenal the very first week and then continuing on to do the same to Chelsea, Liverpool, and Man City, they haven‘t been looking as good lately. Still, even though their odds at a win are just 33/4, the Hammers could certainly surprise everyone once again.

After Klopp came to Liverpool, the team has started to thrive, and they are currently on a four in a row win streak, including the impressive 4:1 victory against Man City and a ridiculous 6:1 against Southampton in League Cup. In the light of these events, defeating Newcastle seems like a done deal, and the TonyBet bookies seem to agree by giving them 3/5 odds for a fifth straight triumph.

While it’s already pretty clear which teams will have to seriously shape up in order to not be relegated, the fight up on the top of the Table it’s much more intense. The point difference is rather small and there are still quite a few teams that still have high hopes for finishing in the Top 4 – and it makes for brilliant games every week, so tune in and enjoy.