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Leicester City: Can We Keep Saying They‘ve Lucked Out?

2015-12-14 09:24

Tonight, it‘s Chelsea vs Leicester City, and if last year it would have been an obvious game, it is sure to grab everyone‘s attention this time around. The Foxes had claimed the #1 spot in the Table, while the defending champions lagged behind with their lousy 14th position, and absolutely cannot afford to lose. 

Leicester City managed to climb up to the top and stay there even after 15 weeks of matches have passed, although some fans do claim they’ve had a very favourable schedule so far. There is truth to that, especially since their only loss was in a 2:5 game against Arsenal, and both Tottenham and Man United were met with a 1:1 draw.

That is about to change with the upcoming game vs Chelsea – even if they’ve been pretty down lately, they’re not going to be easy to beat. Afterwards, Week 18 will see the Foxes trying to best Klopp’s rejuvenated Liverpool, and if that will not be enough of a test, Week 19 will have them playing against Man City.

Still, out of the fifteen games Leicester City won nine, drew five, and only lost one, which is definitely a solid record for a Premier League team, especially one that used to be bottom-dwelling, and it cannot be regarded as just a lucky fluke. One of the factors in this impressive record is definitely the Premier League Player of the Month Jamie Vardy.

The lad is best scoring in his squad, having managed 14 goals in just 15 appearances and the only teammate that can sort of keep up with him in scoring is the midfielder Riyad Mahrez, who has scored 10 goals in 14 games. There isn’t another player who put the ball in the net more than twice in the entire season though, which is saying something.

Sure, managing to stay so high up on the Table for 15 consecutive weeks isn’t just a stroke of luck, but it is rather clear that certain circumstances were very convenient so far. There are still three of the most difficult contenders to go through, Jamie Vardy has emerged as a strong but unexpected leader, and, of course, there hasn’t been an injury crisis to fight off.

In any case, only time will tell whether Leicester City can keep this ridiculously brilliant campaign up. Speaking of tonight’s game, Chelsea are still given better odds at a win – 137/100 against the Foxes’9/4. Now if Leicester wins this one, there may be some title talk to be had, so don’t miss this game: it’s bound to be interesting.