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The Top 4 Combat

2016-02-13 18:56

The Top 4 Combat

With less and less time left to win the title, the matches at the Premier League are definitely intensifying. The favourites to triumph are pretty clear, and this weekend, we get to see them all clash in exciting duels, as the League leading Leicester City is meeting Arsenal, who is now third, and #2 Tottenham is meeting #4 Man City.

The Foxes show no signs of weakness as of yet – so far, they have only lost two games, of which one was to Liverpool, and the other – to Arsenal. While they managed to get their revenge on the Reds, it may not be as easy to give the Gunners the same treatment. On the other hand, out of the five last games Leicester won four, drew one, and let’s not forget their last week’s 3:1 victory against Man City which showed considerable depth.

Now Arsenal seems to be having a bit of a bumpy patch, considering that they only won one out of the last five games, and against Bournemouth at that. They lost the match against Chelsea, drew Stoke, Southampton, and Liverpool – that’s not exactly results that would reflect potential champions. Still, according to the TonyBet bookies, they should clock in another victory this weekend: their odds at a win are at 3/4 against 4/1 that the Foxes got.

The game should be pretty intense, considering that both teams are relatively healthy and neither of the teams have any key player injuries on their hand. It may come down to small things, such as the home field advantage that Arsenal is enjoying, however, there doesn’t seem to be much of a correlation between the stadiums they play at and their results.

Man City Tottenham Spurs Premier League

Manchester City is coming into this game after the pretty harsh loss to the Foxes, and they don’t have the luxury of an easy fixture. Tottenham has been doing pretty well recently, and even though they’re not often talked about as the potential champions, they must be doing something right to be in the second position after 25 weeks.

The two teams have already met once this season, which ended in a 4:1 victory for Man City – but recently, they haven’t had the pleasure of the victory as often as they did at the start of the season. Out of the last five games, they won two – against Sunderland and Crystal Palace – drew Everton and West Ham, and, of course, lost to Leicester City. They are in a bit of an injury crisis though, so it’s only natural their results would be rather shaky.

However, the team will regain some considerable strength before this clash with Tottenham, as both David Silva and Vincent Kompany have been cleared to join in the squad come Sunday. The TonyBet bookies think this should definitely help Man City score a win for which they were given the odds of 1/1 against the 27/10 that the Spurs got.

With only 13 weeks of the Barclay’s Premier League left, the teams are fighting tooth to nail for their chance at this prestigious title – and for the tickets to the Champions League, too. While in theory all the four teams from above could become the champions of the season 15/16, it currently looks like Leicester City is surely gaining advantage. This weekend will definitely shine some light on that, so tune in, and be the first to know!