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League Cup Final: Will Man City Suffer Defeat against Liverpool Once Again?

2016-02-26 18:34

League Cup Final: Will Man City Suffer Defeat against Liverpool Once Again

With the international games being back once again, there really is no lack of brilliant football matches – but that doesn‘t mean there aren‘t any good ones happening back home. The League Cup is concluding on Sunday, and it‘s Liverpool vs Man City who will compete for this title.

TonyBet bookies are in favour of a Man City victory – their chances at a triumph have been calculated at 13/10 vs the 21/10 that Liverpool got. Despite the odds being in their favour to add this title to their season, there‘s still the fact that the two times that these teams played against each other in 15/16, the Reds won soundly with the results of 2:1 and then 4:1.

Now admittedly Liverpool hasn‘t had the best season, but their gameplay currently seems to be rather solid. Out of the five last games that they have played, the Reds haven’t lost a single one – even though two of them were draws against Sunderland and Augsburg. Still, going without any losses through both home and international games is a pretty good sign, especially considering they’re dealing with several injuries again.

Man City, on the other hand, isn’t doing all that well. Out of their last five matches, they sport three losses: a 1:5 to Chelsea, a 1:2 to Tottenham, and a 1:3 to Leicester City. The other two are victories, of which one is an unimpressive 1:0 against Sunderland, and the other is the most recent winning match in Champions League against Dynamo Kyiv.

What can work really well into the Sky Blues’ advantage is the fact that they have very few injuries and all of their most important players are fit for the upcoming clash. Now Liverpool is going to be playing without Skrtel, Ings, and Gomez – and that’s just a few of the injured footballers – but they seem to have found a way to work around their extensive bench duty list.

Even though Liverpool seems to be at a disadvantage at first, considering their injury crisis is pretty much the status quo by now, things may not be all that straight forward after all. Man City is struggling to find their game, and this upcoming match is not going to be easy for them, either. Tough games mean brilliant football though, so make sure not to miss it!