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Premier League Preview: The Toughest Games Around

2016-02-27 20:53

Premier League Preview: The Toughest Games Around

There’s only 11 weeks of play left at this season’s Premier League, and despite everyone’s well educated guesses, Leicester City is still leading, the Spurs are in the second place, and the title is still up for grabs for quite a few contenders. And, of course, there’s two games that are going to be particularly interesting – the Man United v Arsenal and the Liverpool derby.

According to the TonyBet bookies, the Gunners should be able to beat the Red Devils: the odds for their victory were calculated at 71/50 against the 23/10 that their opponents got. The previous game that these two teams had this season confirms the probability of this scenario, as Arsenal beat Man United 3:0.

However, lately Arsenal hasn’t been too impressive. They lost their Champions League game to Barcelona without scoring a single goal, and didn’t manage to win against second division’s Hull City in FA Cup, although to be fair their Premier League performance wasn’t all that shaky, with them winning two out of the last five matches, drawing two, and only losing one against Chelsea.

Man United is doing pretty well in Europa League, where they won both of the last games and the last one with the result of 5:1 at that. However, the Red Devils also managed to lose a game to Sunderland in Premier League, and their last five matches there consist of two wins, two losses, and a draw.

In any case, it looks like this week’s match may allow Arsenal to climb up the League table, or at least hold their own against their contenders who have easier games set because Man United is coping with a pretty serious injury crisis, while the Gunners’ most important players are all fit to play.

Another game that’s ought to be pretty good is the Liverpool vs Everton Derby.  Their first game of this season ended in a draw, and so have four out of the last five matches that they have played, except the one in 2014 when the Reds won 4:0. It goes without saying that both sides will be thirsty for victory.

Liverpool has had a pretty shaky season, and they seem to be on a bit of a hard patch now as well – except, of course, the last game against Aston Villa which ended in a 6:0 victory. However, Everton isn’t really playing their best football either so this match should see two very equal opponents fighting for a much needed victory.

Both the international leagues and the Premier League are nearing to an end, which means that every week the matches get tougher and tougher. Many teams still have their hopes alive to secure titles, while others are busy fighting relegation – but if there’s one thing that’s true is that the English football is particularly exciting this year. Make sure you don’t miss the games!