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Can the Leaders Change after the North London Derby?

2016-03-04 17:38

Can the Leaders Change after the North London Derby?

With the end of the season already almost visible everyone has gotten accustomed to the changes and neither Leicester in lead nor Chelsea out of the title chase doesn‘t seem all that strange anymore. And this week, there is a different kind of storm brewing: the North London derby will see bloodthirsty Tottenham and Arsenal clashing on Saturday.

Last week, both of them lost their Premier League games, so that coupled with their long history is sure to make this match a proper clash. The TonyBet bookies are in favour of a Spurs win for which the odds are calculated at 13/10, while Arsenal winning is a more modest 41/20. First time around this season they drew with the result of 1:1, but a lot has changed since then.

Tottenham has turned their season around a fair bit and they have won six games in a row which was then dampened by their loss to West Ham last week. In all fairness, these victories weren’t the toughest fixtures but the Spurs have shown pretty great consistency with the 4:1 vs Sunderland, 3:0 vs Norwich City, and 2:1 against both Man City and Swansea City. They have also managed to win the second leg game against Fiorentina in Europa League after drawing the first game.

Their contenders, on the other hand, aren’t doing all that great. They are as unstable as ever, and out of their last five games, the only stand-out result is the 2:1 victory against Leicester City. Afterwards, they lost to Man United and Swansea City, which is seriously threatening their current third spot in the Table. They don’t have good results in the Champions League to console them, either, after losing 2:0 to Barcelona in Round of 16.

It is clear that the Gunners really need to win this derby, however, that’s not going to come easy especially since they lost Santi Carloza and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to injuries, and if that wasn’t bad enough, now Petr Cech is out, too – and he isn’t expected to be back for three to four weeks with a calf injury.

Considering the current situation, the upcoming match seems like a perfect chance at a victory for Tottenham. And if they do win, they may very well secure their position as title contenders, considering that after this game the Spurs have two easy fixtures in a row. Saying there’s a lot at stake is a vast understatement – so it’s guaranteed to be an entertaining game to say the least.