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The Quarter-Finals to Be: Who‘s Going to Triumph in the Champions League?

2016-03-15 16:00

The Quarter-Finals to Be: Who‘s Going to Triumph in the Champions League?

The Round of 16 is nearly done over in the Champions League – and we already know four of the teams that have gone through to the quarter-final. Benfica, Wolfsburg, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint Germain are already packing their bags, and four more teams are going to join them after the upcoming match days. Man City and Barcelona seem like a done deal already, but who is going to make up the second half of the winners?

Atlético Madrid against PSV Eindhoven

Atletico Madrid vs PSV Eindhoven

After the first goalless game the teams are up for a re-match! It’s an away game for Eindhoven which means that they could advance even if another draw happens – provided that the ball reaches the net this time around. However, the TonyBet bookies are in favour of Atlético Madrid scoring a victory: the odds for that are at 1.31 vs the 10.50 that the Dutch got for their potential triumph.

However, Eindhoven really managed to prove a point during last game: their front man Gaston Pereiro was sent off with a red card after 68th minute, but the team pulled through to a draw with just 10 men on the field. In addition to that, they are currently pretty healthy despite Pereiro being quite obviously unavailable for the clash, and they are leading their home Eredivisie – albeit only by a point.

Atlético Madrid are the second in their home league where Barcelona is topping the table with an eight point advantage. They are doing pretty well there and have won four out of their last five fixtures of which the most notable is the 1:0 win against Real Madrid, and the latest 3:0 triumph over Deportivo. Even though they have to work around Fernando Torres being injured, their manager Diego Simeone is positive that Atlético is more than ready for this incredibly important match.

Both squads are thirsty for going through to the quarter-final, so you can be sure that they are going to bring their best game. It does seem like the Spanish side of this fixture has the better chances of hitting this target, especially since it’s a home game for them, but Eindhoven is not going down without a fight. If the last time was of any indication, this match is going to be a hot setup!

Bayern Munich against Juventus

Bayern Munich vs Juventus

Now this is a fixture that’s guaranteed to produce some quality football. Bayern is on top of the Bundesliga Table, leading by a five point difference, while Juventus is also #1 back at Serie A, where the second in line needs three extra points to catch up. The first time these two titans met they drew 2:2 whilst Italians were playing at home – so they’re going to the Munich game with a disadvantage.

There is also something to be said about the state of Juventus‘ health: Paulo Dybala and Claudio Marchisio are not fit to play during the upcoming game. Both of the players are pretty important to the squad, so it’s not at all surprising that the TonyBet bookies are favouring Bayern. The Germans were given the odds of 1.37 at a win, while their Italian contenders are now following behind with only 8.60 to their name.

Even though Bayern themselves are missing three of their centre backs, it’s a home game for them. The fact that they allowed two goals in the previous fixture just adds fuel to the fire, and we have all seen how that can end already when they beat Arsenal 5:1 after losing 0:2 in the first leg. With Juve’s recent injuries, it’s hard to stay positive about their potential fate in this game.

However, it didn’t seem like the Italians would manage to finish up with a draw the first time around, either. Bayern pretty much had it until the 63rd minute which was when Juve scored for the first time and it the second half of the game the Italians looked like a completely different team. It’s unlikely the Germans are to make the same mistake twice – but Juventus is more than a worthy opponent.

When the matches are as important as these two, there is one thing that remains crystal clear: it’s going to be fun to watch to say the least. The outcomes of the first leg games provided a solid foundation for bloodthirsty battles, and the international season’s fate rests in these second fixtures: so tune in, and enjoy your dose of brilliant football!