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Derby Time at the Premier League

2016-03-20 12:29

Derby Time at the Premier League

It‘s a good week in the Premier League! If sometimes the fixtures can be a bit lacklustre, it’s the exact opposite this time around and there really are a lot of matches absolutely worth tuning in to. However, the most interesting bit is going to be the derbies – so let’s take a look at the Manchester match, and the Newcastle v Sunderland game.

The Sunday Manchester derby is going to be a proper show, even though neither of the teams are playing as well as they should. The TonyBet bookies favour the Sky Blues with the odds of 17/20 at a victory against the 17/5 that the Red Devils got, which seems fair enough considering that United’s season seems to be especially jumpy.

29 games in and Man City are at fourth in the Premier League. It may not seem like a bad place to be in, but if you consider the fact that the Spurs are #2 with seven more points after their 30 matches, it doesn’t seem like a decent position anymore. The Sky Blues managed to go for a month without winning a game which was broken by their 4:0 vs Aston Villa which does nothing to justify the following losses: 1:5 to Chelsea, 0:3 to Liverpool, 1:2 to Tottenham, and 1:3 to Leicester City. Quite a run indeed!

If their gameplay seems uninspired, it’s worth taking a look at what Man United is doing. Not very much apparently – or not anymore after Liverpool kicked them out of their Europa League stint in Round of 16. The Red Devils have plenty of time to focus on their Premier League games now, where they just lost to relegation-battling West Brom and are #6 after 29 matches.

The only ray of light for Man United right now is Kompany’s injury. While it’s just one man down, he’s crucial in City’s success and they tend to have trouble playing without him. But then the Red Devils have just been in the middle of a pretty horrid injury crisis that hasn’t yet completely settled. The first Manchester derby ended in a draw – but it looks like the Sky Blues may just go ahead and win this one.

Sunderland v Newcastle

If normally neither Newcastle nor Sunderland get a lot of attention, it should be a different story this week. Both are currently in a very demanding relegation battle where the Black Cats are doing better being #17 after 29 games, and Newcastle is dangerously close to the bottom bit being #19 after 30. They both could very easily play in the second division the following season, so the pressure is insane.

According to the bookies, Newcastle should get the win that they need so much: the odds for their victory are at 23/20 vs the 13/15 that Sunderland got. If you take a look at their history though, a Magpie win would be a bit surprising considering that the last time they managed that was in 2011. The Black Cats won the last six matches that they’ve played against them – but nevertheless it’s one derby you should not skip.

As May is nearing with an immense speed, we’re still getting surprises in the Premier League. Leicester City seems to be on an impenetrable high and the traditionally big teams are struggling a fair bit. However, most of the English clubs have just dropped out of the international leagues, which can make a bit of a difference – as much as you can make a difference in a span of eight or nine games. The games ahead should be pretty brilliant though, so make sure you get to see them for yourself!