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Premier League: Top 4 Dreaming

2016-03-25 15:38

Premier League: Top 4 Dreaming

Even though the English teams are mostly miserable internationally this season, Premier League did retain four UEFA Champions League slots for 17/18. That means there are still three places in the group stage and one in the qualifiers to fight for, and fight the teams will. Let‘s take a look at our potential Top 4!

Leicester. Obviously.

This one‘s an easy choice. The bookies won‘t even allow to bet on the Foxes making it to the Top 4 (which is very rational considering that their odds at winning the whole League are 53/100).  They are the ultimate dark horse and they got everyone rooting for them – and in order to not stay at the top of the Table, Leicester would have to start losing miserably. And that‘s just something that is not going to happen at this point.

Currently, they‘re far off enough with the point difference that it‘s a given that they‘ll be #1 after the week that hasn‘t even happened yet. While a lot of people would like to see Leicester get the title, it‘s not a done deal yet – but them getting a spot in the Champions League is pretty much sealed, wherever they end up finishing. It‘s going to be a treat next year and the next question that the Foxes will have to answer is can they keep up?

Come on You Spurs

Now Tottenham has been teetering somewhere at the Top 5 for the better part of the season, and yet somehow nobody is keen to shout that they can win the League, which is a question in itself. However, their potential to stay afloat and to book themselves a ticket to the Champions League is much more reasonable. With their 31 games they are five points behind Leicester, and have managed to stay in the second spot for quite a while. 

According to the TonyBet bookies, their chances of finishing in the Top 4 are the best of the lot (save Leicester, of course) – 1/50. While there‘s still plenty of time for them to mess something up, Tottenham seems to be doing well enough in terms of their gameplay and to be fair, it looks like they like it at the top and don‘t plan leaving any time soon. Champions League is sure to get a makeover next year!

The Gunners May not Shoot Blanks

Or they might, but even though they got positively crushed by Barcelona in Champions League, it was not a shameful defeat against an easy opponent. Yes, Arsenal had a bumpy run in, well, every league, but they’ve still got a brilliant squad and they are still a very good team to say the least. The title may be out of their capacity already – but the possibility of having another try in the best international league is still within reach.

Even though Arsenal didn’t manage to keep leading, they have been comfortably at the 3rd position for a number of weeks, and there’s no reason for them to fall. After having played 30 games, they’ve got the potential to catch up quickly should they need to when they play the postponed fixture. The TonyBet bookies think their chances at having another go at the Champions League are pretty good: 1/20. Better luck next time?

Blue Skies for Man City?

At the beginning of this season, it seemed like Man City was nearly impossible to beat and that there was nothing standing in their way towards the title. However, their performance kept dropping, which led them to their 4th place they are currently occupying, and have been for a few weeks. The odds for them managing to stay in the Top 4 until the very end are 61/100 which puts them a fair bit behind both the Spurs and the Gunners. 

A lot will depend on how healthy the Sky Blues manage to stay – and, of course, whether their contenders will have a more steady run. However, Man City is the last English team that’s still in the Champions League, so they’ve got that to think of. In any case, if they want to keep up back home they’ll have to start winning, and do it soon – other teams are keen to improve, too.

Of course, there are plenty other teams keen to make it to the top while they’ve still got time. West Ham and Man United are two of the most likely contenders to pull up during the remaining games – the pair have 50 points each, although the Hammers lead with the goal difference. Who knows – maybe it’s them and not the Gunners or Man City that we’ll see playing in the Champions League next year.