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Let’s Get Title Chasing: Leicester City v Tottenham

2016-04-01 19:47

Right, so it’s Week 32 at the Premier League, and there’s a proper exciting battle going on! While Leicester and Tottenham aren’t set to play this week and have already had their two fixtures, their fight is the title chase. The Foxes have been #1 for 10 consecutive weeks, and they are guaranteed to stay there for another week, and the Spurs have been in the second place for seven weeks. So let’s look what challenges lie ahead for them!

Tottenham didn‘t seem like they were going to bring it at the beggining of the season, but then they managed to keep steadily improving, which led them to the top of the League table and had them stay here. Now at the moment, they have a six point advantage over Arsenal who are #3 – but the Gunners have an extra fixture to play, which could help them catch up.

The Spurs have a game set against Liverpol this week which they must win if they want to keep a comfortable distance from their contenders. According to the TonyBet bookies though, it‘s actually Klopp‘s lads who have better chances at triumphing: their odds for a win are 29/20 vs the 19/10 that Tottenham got. However, even though a tough fight is expected, the London team is not set up for a certain failure.

Liverpool didn‘t have the best of seasons, and Klopp‘s magic didn‘t quite work as expected: they are #9, albeit with two postponed fixtures.  Of course, it’s worth nothing that they were pretty much in a constant injury crisis for the whole run – and their current situation isn’t exactly ideal, either – the Reds have quite a few players injured. Benteke isn’t going to join the squad, and Firmino is doubtful, so as always, there’s hurdles to be worked around.

Now Tottenham, on the other hand, is in a much better situation when it comes to the fitness of their players. While Lamela is not guaranteed to be healthy enough to play come Saturday, Alderweireld is set to play and none of the most prolific goal scorers are on the bench duty. Despite that, Liverpool isn’t going to just give up, so this clash ought to be a good one.

Another fixture that’s well worth a watch is the Leicester City vs Southampton. The Foxes have already proven they are too fast for most of the teams this season over and over again, and they don’t even need a win to keep leading. However, it’s important to keep the point advantage, and the Saints are not exactly an easy opponent.

When it comes to the odds, Leicester City is favoured by the TonyBet bookies: they have been given 23/20 for a win, while Southampton is falling behind with 51/20. It’s not the first rodeo these two teams had together this season, and the last time it ended in a 2:2 draw – so both have something to prove now.

The Foxes definitely have an edge when it comes to the healthiness of their squad, as their injuries were virtually non-existent for the whole season. Mahrez and Vardy are fit and ready to score some goals, which is something they both know how to do very well. However, the Saints aren’t exactly in an injury crisis either – and the Sunday game is going to be a very tough fixture for both parties.

One thing this season did not lack was surprises, and hopefully, it will stay that way until the very end – which is very near. The postponed matches may shift things here and there, as well as make it more difficult for the teams to perform well, plus, some of them still actually have international leagues to think of. Ultimately what matters though is whether they’re ready to bring it: so let’s tune in and find that out for ourselves.