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Revenge Time: Premier League Week 33

2016-04-08 18:09

With only a handful of weeks left to play, we‘ve already seen many second-try games, but these ones are going to be extra good. There are two pairings that have both met in pretty passionate first fixtures of the Premier League, and this weekend, they will be hungry for blood. It‘s time for some brilliant revenge football!

The London Derby

If in 14/15 West Ham was a mid-table team at best, having placed 12th, it’s a different kind of story now. The Hammers are a strong #6, and they have a game against Arsenal that everyone was waiting for since their first meet of this season. Who could forget an upset like that, after all?

The Gunners are definitely going to go into this match much better prepared than they did the last time. According to the TonyBet bookies, they still have decent chances to win, as the odds for that are at 103/100 against the 29/10 that West Ham got. Could Arsenal really go on to win at Boleyn Ground?

They did have a few good games recently while West Ham struggled with draws – but then one thing that we know about the Gunners, is that they are terrific at being unpredictable. It’s not like the Hammers are consistently triumphing either, but it’s safe to say that this derby is going to be a fair battle of equal contenders.

The Spurs vs The Red Devils

Tottenham Spurs are having a brilliant run with only Leicester City ahead of them in the League. While it’s a bit disappointing for them to know that they would need nothing short of a miracle to actually win the title and yet to be so close to the top, it’s still a very good season for the Spurs so far.

During Week 1 of the Premier League, Man United became the first of the now-four teams that have managed to upset the Spurs throughout 15/16 in their home league. In the TonyBet bookies’ opinion, it’s not likely to happen again: Tottenham’s odds for a win are a fair bit ahead of those that Man United got.

Both of the teams have dropped out of Europa League in the same round, and while the Spurs now only have the PL to worry about, the Red Devils are also playing in the FA Cup which may shift their focus a bit. Still, they need a win just as badly, and even though Lamela was deemed fit to go back to helping the Spurs triumph, Man United is going to put up a tough fight.

The run of 15/16 has shaped up to being a surprise-packed intense experience that had us all enthralled. Now it’s nearing to the end, but it’s still just as interesting and eventful. Chelsea being #10 has stopped being funny, Leicester leading has become an obvious thing – and Arsenal didn’t manage to take this chance at a title. What a season, eh?