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The Stakes Are Getting Higher: Premier League Edition

2016-04-15 18:36

It‘s a brilliant time to be a football fan – there‘s so many exciting matches to watch! Man City and Liverpool proved that English teams can do really well internationally, too, and this excitement that they inspired may just seep through to the Premier League. This week, the Sky Blues are playing against Chelsea, and the Foxes will take on the Hammers – so let’s take a look!

Will Man City Get Revenge on Chelsea?

Big match alert! The Sky Blues had started to look a bit flat, but then they turned it all around by advancing to the Champions League semi-finals and consequentially making history. Kevin De Bruyne was really something during that game – so can he help his squad to get back at Chelsea after they beat them 5:1 during the FA Cup match?

To be fair though, the Sky Blues did have to select a rather questionable roster for that losing match, as they had a lot of injuries on their hands, and some tough decisions to make. But they’re fit now, and according to the bookies, Man City is also slightly more likely to win this time around: the odds for their triumph are 8/5 vs 17/10 that Chelsea got.

The Blues will also have to work around a few injuries, but they do have the advantage of hosting Man City at the Stamford Bridge. All in all, this match looks like a perfect setup for taking an opportunity – whichever way that opportunity may go – and the outcome is going to depend on whether these two great teams can manage to play to their full potential.

Will the Foxes Outrun the Hammers?

West Ham has made a name for themselves as the dark horse team at the beginning of the season – but of course, it faded away as Leicester’s ongoing success pulled in all the focus. By now, the Foxes are ridiculously close to the title, and every point earned is important if they want to make sure no one else gets it.

The Hammers are not exactly an easy fixture, however, the TonyBet bookies think that Leicester has more than a definite edge. When these two first met back at the beginning of this season, the Foxes upset West Ham 2:1, but that may not end in a repeat performance, as they have not lost a game since February 6th.

Fitness wise these two teams are both doing really well, and they both have got an easy schedule that only includes Premier League matches. For Leicester this fixture is also a home game – and that is some pretty good news to their fans, as this team has only lost a single match at home. West Ham has got some pretty smart decisions to make if they want to repeat the feat of beating their opponents, who are simply having a brilliant season!

Talking about Leicester, they have already a guaranteed first place for the next two weeks – they really don’t need to win to stay up top for a bit longer. However, the title is still not theirs, and should the Foxes start losing so far ahead, it could really damage their morale. In conclusion, a lot is at stake – so we’re going to get some brilliant and intense games!