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Clash of Liverpool

2016-04-19 18:39

There‘s nothing like a good rivalry match to make Premier League even more interesting – and the flavour of the week is the upcoming Liverpool derby. Ever since the Reds had that amazing QF game against Dortmund everyone‘s been keen to see more: and the game against Everton is exactly the right opportunity for that.

Obviously, this isn‘t their first meet of the season. The first game ended in a single-goal draw, but the TonyBet bookies think a rematch is in order. Liverpool is regarded as the favourite to win this meet with the odds of 17/25 against the 87/20 that were given to the Toffees – so is a victory in the clear?

To be fair, Everton does seem to be struggling a bit. None of their five latest games in the Premier League ended in a win – they managed three losses and two draws. Although some of these fixtures were nothing if not difficult, it is still some worrying results and it seems like the Toffees will be lucky to finish in their current 11th place if they continue like that.

Even though Liverpool hasn‘t really been performing miracles, they look like they have managed to stabilise their gameplay. Winning 4:3 after being down to 1:3 at the 56th is a pretty big deal, and it is the kind of focus and persistence that makes a great squad. If it is not going to be just the Bournemouth match that Klopp’s lads had brought this delightful spirit to, they’re going to go a very long way.

What’s really interesting about their improvement is the fact that they’ve pretty much been in an injury crisis for the entire season, and are currently missing players like Toure, Origi, Can, Benteke, Ings, and Gomez. Is Klopp’s magic the real deal? It’s kind of starting to look that way. Granted, Everton has more than a few injury troubles on their hands, too, but they don’t seem to be handling it all that well.

It would be easy to assume that Liverpool’s got this match in the bag already, but it can always go another way, especially since it’s one of the most surprising seasons of the Premier League that we’ve seen in a good while. One thing is clear – they will be a tough nut to crack for the Toffees, and the Toffees are not going to just give up, either. A brilliant match is to be expected!