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Come on You Spurs: The Title Chase Edition

2016-04-23 18:08

The last time that Tottenham won the Premier League was a while back – in fact, it was pretty much ages ago, in the season of 60/61. With just four games left to play, the Spurs are excruciatingly close to the title once again, and they have been the second-in-line for 10 consecutive weeks now. But can they top Leicester City? Let‘s take a look at their chances.

If it all came down to stats, Tottenham would pretty much have the crown already. They are the best when it comes to goals scored, goals from set pieces, created chances, shots on target, goals conceded, and shots on target faces, which proves the lads are working extra hard. And yet, Leicester is still atop of them – they won two extra matches, and managed to draw and lose one less than the Spurs.

While these statistics really do give Tottenham a fair bit of credit, they just weren‘t enough for them to raise to the first place so far. There‘s only four matches left for them in the Premier League now – so in theory, the Spurs can add 12 points to their basket. However, it would take six consecutive wins, of which two they‘ve already managed, and any way you look at it, it‘s no easy job.

While Tottenham did look pretty great winning against Man United and Stoke City alike, they still have to play against West Brom, Chelsea, Southampton, and Newcastle. When the Spurs met these teams for the first time they won against two – West Brom and Southampton – drew Chelsea, and suffered a loss to Newcastle. It‘s safe to say that managing to triumph in all these fixtures would definitely require a lot of intensity and focus.

Even if the Spurs manage to pull off such an ordeal, Leicester is still leading by five points. This means that Tottenham winning the title will take the Foxes stumbling a fair bit, as the latter team only needs eight points to triumph. They still have fixtures against Swansea City, Man United, Everton, and Chelsea – but their road to victory is far less rocky than the one that the Spurs are taking.

The TonyBet bookies are sure that at least the upcoming game against West Brom will have Tottenham taking three points, but later on, they will be faced with bigger hurdles. The one ray of light is the potential Jamie Vardy‘s suspension – Leicester City would be under a lot of stress playing without they star lad, and if he isn‘t only gone during the Swansea game, the Foxes may end up playing worse than normally.

The Spurs are in a bit of a funny spot – the title is both really close, and yet actually claiming it would take quite a lot of luck, perhaps just as much as it will take hard work. On the other hand, the one thing they can very realistically hope for is a Champions League spot, which is pretty brilliant to say the least. And us for the football fans – this is simply a perfect conondrum to watch at the end of the season!