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Week 36 of Premier League: Time for Leicester to Take the Title?

2016-04-29 20:13

If sometimes the match week can look a bit dull, there’s none of that this time around. Leicester City vs Man United clash is going to have everyone’s attention, because the Foxes only need three points to secure the title. Another important game is the Tottenham v Chelsea, considering that the Spurs are the only team that can still – mathematically – catch up.

According to the odds, the Red Devils are to take a victory this time around. The bookies are giving 21/20 for their win vs the 3/1 that Leicester got, and it’s quite clear that such predictions have been impacted by Jamie Vardy’s suspension. The leading man of the Foxes has been very important in many games, and the team will have to plan carefully around his absence in such a big match.

Man United’s squad is healthy and well prepared for this game, and they’re going to come in with full force. The Foxes will be heavily pressured as their midfielder Ander Herrera told Sky News that they “don’t want them to win the title at Old Trafford”. Even though the first meet of the season ended in a draw for these two teams, a repeat performance may be very different in such circumstances.

However, Leicester has been playing really well and it’s not just down to Vardy. Their last loss came against Arsenal on February 14th, which was also an away game for them. Man United, on the other hand, have obviously had a worse season – but they are still in the competition for the top 4 spot, and every potential win is crucial to them.

To be fair, even if Leicester does not manage to beat the odds and take the title this Sunday, they would still need to lose all three games and the Spurs would need to win all of their three remaining fixtures for the Foxes not to become the champions. It’s a much taller order for Tottenham than it is for Leicester – and so even though winning the title at the Old Trafford would be amazing, they are probably going to win it anyway.

Now the Spurs are meeting Chelsea this week which is also very important, because they can only potentially catch up if they retain a perfect record for the remainder of Premier League. If they lose to the Blues, the title goes to Leicester for sure. According to the bookies, both Chelsea and Tottenham look about equal going into this match – although the Spurs are under a lot more pressure.

They didn’t keep their 2nd place for that long for nothing – their form has been pretty good lately, although the Spurs do tend to struggle inexplicably a bit. A good example of that is their last week’s draw vs West Brom which really should have been a win. Chelsea, of course, manage to play even less consistently than that, and it’s proper tough to say whether they will display their best gameplay during the upcoming match.

Nobody could have predicted this season would turn out the way that it has so far – which is pretty amazing. Next year is probably going to be just as exciting, as we’re going to see many changes in the international leagues – for example, Leicester is already guaranteed a Champions League place. Will the Foxes also score a debut Premier League title? This question may already have an answer to it this Sunday.