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  • Burning Red England: Liverpool vs Man United

    2016-10-14 12:10

    There‘s still a very long way to the season 16/17 crown at the Premier League, but one thing‘s already clear: there are quite a few teams who look more than ready to give each other hell for the rest of this run. One of them is Liverpool, snug in the fourth place, and they are meeting none other than Man United this week.

  • Will Man City Finally Triumph vs The Spurs?

    2016-10-01 17:08

    Nothing is set in stone in the Premier League yet, but the trends are clear: Man City is leading strongly with no losses to their name, and the Spurs are following with a four point lag. However, last season Tottenham was a kryptonite to the Sky Blues, who lost twice. Will they break the so-far perfect run in the White Hart Lane?

  • 20 Years a Professor: Arsène Wenger

    2016-09-21 16:22

    On 16th of September, 1996, one Arsène Wenger was appointed as the manager of Arsenal. Back then, in the pre-Google times, the general reaction was “Arsène who?”. And here we are 20 years later, with the same Frenchman still overlooking one of the best teams that England has ever produced, and there probably isn’t anyone who’s the least bit into football who wouldn’t know his name.

  • No more Pipe Dreams: Liverpool to Finish in Top 4?

    2016-09-19 17:48

    Only five weeks of Premier League have passed, and yet a few trends are already clear. Man City has a strong hold on the lead, Everton is playing beyond expectations, Chelsea is no longer miserable – and Liverpool seems to be able to hold up their own, too. Could this successful start mean a joyous end of the season 16/17?

  • Chelsea: Relearning to Play Football

    2016-09-16 11:14

    Last year, the first big news in the Premier League was the fact that none other than Chelsea completely forgot how to play football, even though they started the season as the defending champions. Their victory-free pre-season plus the Community Shield loss to Arsenal were hinting at a disaster, and yet it still came as a huge shock.

  • A Clash at the Stamford Bridge: Liverpool vs Chelsea

    2016-09-15 12:24

    It‘s Week 5 in the Premier League, and the Table is still allowing teams to move up and down with a breakneck speed. However, a few trends are already pretty clear – and one of them is that Chelsea remembered how to play football. This week they‘re meeting Liverpool, who managed to start winning again with the last week‘s 4:1 vs the defending champions – so this ought to be good.

  • Derby Time: Which Manchester will Fall?

    2016-09-06 16:38

    These first three weeks very surely pretty intense – and by now, there are only three teams that haven‘t lost a single time. Man City stands strong in the first place with a 6 point difference while Chelsea follows at #2, and hot on their heels is none other than Man United. But the perfect track record may very well change for one of the three leaders after the fourth week matches.

  • It's Time to Start Winning: Liverpool vs Tottenham

    2016-08-26 17:22

    It‘s time for some good old English football again! While the season of 16/17 has only advanced to its third week in the Premier League, we’ve already seen some pretty brilliant matches, and this week is not going to be an exception. Liverpool is meeting Tottenhamand that’s the kind of a game nobody is really neutral about.

  • Can the Magic Happen again: Leicester vs Arsenal

    2016-08-19 20:22

    It feels like we just got off the wild ride that was the previous season – and here we are at it again, except this time everyone‘s watching Leicester. Back then they crushed Arsenal‘s dreams of triumphing in the League, and now they‘re going to go heads out to see who‘s better this time around. It‘s safe to assume that this should be nothing short of brilliant.

  • 1st Time‘s the Charm: Arsenal vs Liverpool

    2016-08-12 20:26

    It seems like the season of 15/16 was just here – needless to say, nobody has fully recovered from the rollercoaster that it was just yet. And now we‘ve got a fresh Premier League run ready to go with some pretty brilliant matches on the very opening week! Arsene’s lads are going to face Klopp’s squad, so that should be interesting to say the very least.