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  • Burning Red England: Liverpool vs Man United

    2016-10-14 12:10

    There‘s still a very long way to the season 16/17 crown at the Premier League, but one thing‘s already clear: there are quite a few teams who look more than ready to give each other hell for the rest of this run. One of them is Liverpool, snug in the fourth place, and they are meeting none other than Man United this week.

  • Derby Time: Which Manchester will Fall?

    2016-09-06 16:38

    These first three weeks very surely pretty intense – and by now, there are only three teams that haven‘t lost a single time. Man City stands strong in the first place with a 6 point difference while Chelsea follows at #2, and hot on their heels is none other than Man United. But the perfect track record may very well change for one of the three leaders after the fourth week matches.

  • Week 36 of Premier League: Time for Leicester to Take the Title?

    2016-04-29 20:13

    If sometimes the match week can look a bit dull, there’s none of that this time around. Leicester City vs Man United clash is going to have everyone’s attention, because the Foxes only need three points to secure the title. Another important game is the Tottenham v Chelsea, considering that the Spurs are the only team that can still – mathematically – catch up.

  • Revenge Time: Premier League Week 33

    2016-04-08 18:09

    With only a handful of weeks left to play, we‘ve already seen many second-try games, but these ones are going to be extra good. There are two pairings that have both met in pretty passionate first fixtures of the Premier League, and this weekend, they will be hungry for blood. It‘s time for some brilliant revenge football!

  • Derby Time at the Premier League

    2016-03-20 12:29

    Derby Time at the Premier League

    It‘s a good week in the Premier League! If sometimes the fixtures can be a bit lacklustre, it’s the exact opposite this time around and there really are a lot of matches absolutely worth tuning in to. However, the most interesting bit is going to be the derbies – so let’s take a look at the Manchester match, and the Newcastle v Sunderland game.

  • FA Cup: The Final Four to Advance

    2016-03-10 19:11

    FA Cup: The Final Four to Advance

    The hottest games of the weekend are definitely over at the FA Cup, where eight teams are going to battle it out in order to advance to the semi-final. The two-times defending champions Arsenal would no doubt fancy a third consecutive title, but they aren’t the only ones who have their eyes set on the prize. There are games to be played first, so let’s take a look at that!

  • Premier League Preview: The Toughest Games Around

    2016-02-27 20:53

    Premier League Preview: The Toughest Games Around

    There’s only 11 weeks of play left at this season’s Premier League, and despite everyone’s well educated guesses, Leicester City is still leading, the Spurs are in the second place, and the title is still up for grabs for quite a few contenders. And, of course, there’s two games that are going to be particularly interesting – the Man United v Arsenal and the Liverpool derby.

  • Will the Foxes Take a Bite out of Man City?

    2016-02-05 10:16

    Will the Foxes Take a Bite out of Man City?

    Brilliant football weekend alert! This Saturday Leicester City is playing against Manchester City, and considering they are only three points apart with the Foxes occupying the first place this should certainly be a hot match. Both teams are in it to triumph this season – and they both have good chances to take home the Premier League title. Their first game ended in a goalless draw, but maybe it will be different this time around?

  • Premier League Week 22: Your Football Weekend Preview

    2016-01-15 10:13

    Premier League Week 22: Your Football Weekend Preview

    There’s only 17 weeks of Barclays Premier League left, so naturally the games are just getting more and more interesting. Last week was a definite proof that a beautiful match is always around the corner, so get your hopes high up: the upcoming football weekend is going to be pretty brilliant.

  • Holiday Football: Can Leicester Keep Leading?

    2015-12-23 17:41

    It‘s the holiday season – and it‘s time for the Boxing Day football! Now the season so far has been generous with surprises, considering we saw Chelsea crash and burn, Leicester City become the dark horse leaders, and West Ham give most of the big teams a good scare. More brilliant games are on the way, so let’s take a look